blow out the candle and slice through the spaghetti strings of your sense of perspective. you will find it much easier in the brave new world with one dimension thrown away for safe keeping. reduced to the completeness of two dimensions with existence confined to a plane, distances will lose their meaning forever. you see, things will just become bigger or smaller or stand on their pointy ends whenever you want them to come closer or go away or just look at them from a different angle. the problem of constantly travelling then is simply a matter of perceiving your surroundings. if you want to go somewhere, you can just make the new place come to you instead of going there by making it bigger and thereby closer. also, giving it a warm green tint might help too. conversely, you can just push away whatever you don't want by making them wear shades of cool blue and reducing their size till they disappear into the distant and therefore greyish white horizon. and this life in two dimensions wouldn't be hard to live because the third dimension only makes things move away from you anyway. think of all the space you would save too, in a spatially sensitive manner of speaking, that is. ever wonder why all the people in all those picture postcards sent from distant places always smile.....they are just laughing at you for not realizing that true happiness is just one redundant dimension away. the truth is that truisms are needed only in three dimensions. with two, you can make anything come true.